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Music for Dogs


The play “Music for Dogs” written by Paula Meehan will be performed by Carol Caffrey at Congress.


Music for Dogs, by award-winning Irish poet and playwright Paula Meehan, is a short (35-40 minutes) one-woman play performed by Irish actress Carol Caffrey and directed by Patricia Kessler (of Paris-based Dear Conjunction Theatre Company).


The action takes place on Dublin’s Burrow Beach during the property boom of the Celtic Tiger years as a woman, Jane MacDonald, records a message for her estranged brother and sister. Janey’s story describes the very funny - if somewhat dubious - means by which she came to make the fortune she is leaving to her siblings. Though the context of Janey’s personal tragedy is a dark one, her essential humanity and joy in life are very much to the fore. The production has been described as “poignant … and bloody funny” with a performance that is “a perfect balance between sorrow, humour …and acceptance.” (The Southern Star). Chris Eldon Lee (BBC Radio Shropshire) described it as “a lovely piece of writing” in which “Carol gives us a faithful, atmospheric performance that savours the prose and delivers the emotions with respect and gentility…  She carefully reels us in with her … first class delivery of (the) deadpan jokery…”


Paula Meehan was born and reared in the north inner city of Dublin. Her family later moved to Finglas where she spent her teenage years. She studied at Trinity College, Dublin and at Eastern Washington University. Paula has published six award winning collections of poetry including Dharmakaya and Painting Rain. She has written plays for both adults and children, notably Cell and The Wolf of Winter. Dedalus Press have recently republished Mysteries of the Home, seminal poems from the 1980’s and the 1990’s. She is currently Ireland Professor of Poetry.


To find out more please visit http://musicfordogs.weebly.com


Paula Meehan








Image: Author Paula Meehan with President Michael D Higgins, when she
was created Ireland Professor of Poetry in 2014. 







Music for Dogs


Music for Dogs


Music for Dogs

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