Delegate Testimonials


Take a look at what Palliative Care Congress delegates had to say about PCC 2014.


“Before I attended the conference there were some issues which I disregarded e.g. dialysis at the end of life, before I would not recommend patients to undergo dialysis when they were in their last stages but after attending the research workshop on the benefits of dialysis during the conference, I learned the benefits in both symptoms control and overall quality of life. There is need to educate health care providers on this benefit.


End of life care is faced with many challenges and the session on palliative care pathway was an eye opener. Most developing countries are in the process of developing end of life care framework and when our country will be developing one I will be able to contribute based on what I gained during the conference.


I managed to network with several institutions e.g. Macmillan and received very informative package which I have incorporated in my teaching. I also networked with other institutions and individuals.


I was very impressed by many research activities taking part in UK and other countries and am encouraging my colleagues to undertake research. I work at the national association for palliative care in Kenya (KEHPCA) and we have a conference in November this year.  Based on what I learned at the conference, I have managed to convince my colleagues to have a research pre-conference workshop to enable individuals to share their research findings.


Overall I enjoyed my stay at Harrogate, it is a very quiet town with many sceneries and I learnt a lot from the conference. I hope I will attend the 2016 conference."

Dr Asaph Kinyanjui

Education and Research Officer

Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA)



“Something in the way I think about palliative care has changed since I came back from the conference. It was a cocktail of medical and psycho-socio-spiritual issues and more. It was spending 3 days in close confines with inspirational people who were dedicating their lives to ensuring as many people as possible experience the care that they need. The passion and empathy of so many of the delegates from around the world touched me in a way that I didn’t necessarily expect it would.


On the final evening of the conference there was a dinner reception. As I was standing watching delegates dance, joke and chatter, I thought to myself that it felt just like a family reunion. There was a tacit acknowledgement that everyone understood, at least on some level, why everyone else was there. Just like a family is bound by the bond of blood so at this conference it felt like there was an unspoken bond in the knowledge of, and passion for, palliative care.”

Dr Arunangshu Ghoshal

Resident, Department of Palliative Medicine

Tata Memorial Centre, India



“The 10th PCC provided many good opportunities and experiences to me, an international attendee from Thailand. I gained a lot of new knowledge and valuable concepts from the speakers and the presentations. I also met the scholars from many countries and shared our experiences and cultures regarding to palliative care practice and research. It motivated me to extend my thoughts to create good quality works on palliative care in the future. I could have some interesting ideas in developing few research projects and utilizing some knowledge in writing my book. I would like to express my gratefulness to this PCC, the Chair, Dr Noble, and committees/persons who involved for their kind supports and their hospitality. I hope the PCC will continue providing the bursary awards to international attendees.”

Dr Waraporn Kongsuwan

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand



“I was delighted to be successful in my bursary application to attend the Palliative Care Congress in Harrogate, England in March 2014.  This gave me an opportunity to display a poster related to my research entitled the ‘Transition to adult services by young people with life-limiting conditions in Belfast and Dublin: a realist evaluation using mixed methods (TASYL study)’ which is supported by the All-Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care (AllHPC) and the HSC R&D Division Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland.


A welcome meeting was facilitated for bursary recipients and I found it very useful to meet other national and international students and also Professor Barbara Jack, Edge Hill University, who suggested further contacts related to the focus of my research.  The poster display provided opportunities to discuss my research with other delegates and to make some useful contacts.  There were presentations from researchers, clinicians and academics with great experience and a breadth and depth of knowledge in palliative care such as Dr Florian Strasser and Dr Fliss Murtagh.  It was also good to hear presentations for those who are at the beginning of a career in palliative care, providing a range of perspectives.  The presentations appealed to a range of disciplines in the various areas associated with palliative care.


This conference showcased oral and poster presentations that helped develop my knowledge of current research in palliative care. It also gave me opportunities to meet with others working and researching in the field and also a forum to discuss my own research.”

Helen Kerr 

Doctoral Fellow/PhD student

All-Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AllHPC) and the HSC R&D Division Public Health Agency

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Queen's University

Medical Biology Centre



Dr Peter O’Halloran, Queen’s University, Belfast, Dr Honor Nicholl, Trinity College Dublin and Dr Jayne Price, Kingston University and St George’s, University of London. 



“Last year I was very lucky to be a recipient of a bursary award from the organising committee allowing me the opportunity to attend the 10th Palliative Care Congress in Harrogate in March. The cost of travel and accommodation in addition to the conference fees can make it very difficult for staff from NHS, independent and charitable organisations to attend such events so a bursary towards these costs can make all the difference.


There was a huge amount to see and do at the Congress and in addition to the interesting and varied talks and plenary sessions I also found great value in networking with palliative care professionals from around the world during the evening social events. Not only was I able to bring up to date information back to my colleagues from the fascinating lectures but I also have made contact with nurses from other countries.


Medical staff formed the majority of attendees and I feel it is really important that nursing and care staff should apply for bursaries to enable them to attend to ensure that their voice is heard. I would heartily recommend the Congress and I am sure that the event in Glasgow will be well worth attending.”

Caroline Sweetland

Lead Education Facilitator - Hospice Education Alliance

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust



Dear Bill Noble,


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for holding such a great conference. I am also glad to see the amazing team work and effort that you and your team have put into the conference organization. Each one of you team went out of the way to make this conference a success. I am also humbled by the hospitality which you and your team members have shown. Here I would special like to mention the name of Ms Kate Smith who has been very supportive in every step right from approval of our abstract to final acceptance of visa and travel arrangements.


Palliative care in Pakistan is in its very preliminary stage and attending this conference was a great learning experience for me. I certainly learnt a lot about the current situation, advancements and challenges faced by palliative care services at UK and throughout the world. It was also nice to hear about clinical experience shared by speakers from all parts of the world. It has helped me to interact with delegates from all parts of the world and indeed was helpful in networking.


Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to attend this conference. I am also planning to do some collaborative research project.


I again congratulate you for this success and hope and pray that you hold more of such conferences in future.


Kind Regards,

Dr Tabinda Ashfaq

Assistant Professor

Quality Improvement Representative

Integrated Medical Service Coordinator

Department of Family Medicine

Aga Khan University

Karachi, Pakistan