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Next Event: 16 – 17 March 2023
Edinburgh International Conference Centre


The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) hosted the Palliative Care Congress in March 2022. PCC events attract over 500 delegates from around the world from a diverse multidisciplinary background.

PCC 2022 – Reflection

Recovering, rebounding, reinventing.

Recovering is a process which is going to take time, I get that, I hope this conference has helped us along the way of recovery. I am so so glad to have an in-person conference again. I know covid rates are high and this was a tough gig but I believe it has helped us all heal, repair and recover that wee bit, just by simply you all being here.

We have had excellent chat with friendships new and old, strengthened and forged, we have had everything from yoga and creative writing, to reflection and wholesome comradeship with alpacas. I personally am physically exhausted but psychologically content, and happy, – thank you. I hope you feel the same!

Rebounding, yes we are rebounding, we have heard we are now a core specialty, spotlighted and seen, front and centre, we have this ever increasing responsibility now. We are not hidden, but people are looking to our lead. We have heard about compassionate communities, public health, Future care planning, we are in the media, in the papers and on the radio, reassuring and increasing the understanding of dying, and the wider palliative and supportive care ethos and aims.

And we are re-inventing, we have new services, new models of care, new research and evidence shared, looking after new illnesses as medical progress means folk who otherwise wouldn’t have now lived so much longer. We are researching more, learning more than ever, we are updated in our medicine and ever humbly improving our tender conversations.

I am thankful to be in such a specialty that is ever trying, accepting all, even the quirky ones, and is just life affirming, always wanting to grow.


Dr Matthew Doré
Palliative Care Congress Chair, 2022